Thursday, August 11, 2022
All Day Event
The Perseid meteor shower occurs annually from July-August. However, observers can expect to see the most meteors during the predicted peak of the shower from August 11-13. We won't be meeting for an in-person event, but viewing a meteor shower does not require any special tools - simply look up and take in as much of the sky as possible. Allow your eyes to adapt to the dark environment and enjoy the show! The Full Moon will likely outshine the smaller, fainter meteors, but the temperate summer nights and consistently high rate of meteors make the Perseid meteor shower one of the best of the year for audiences in the northern hemisphere.
6 p.m.
Dr. Robert Krizek, whisky aficionado and founder of Distilled Expertise, LLC will lead us through a tasting of two bourbons and two scotches in the beautiful home of alumni Dan Prickel. Heavy appetizers will be included