Effective August 1, 2022, the pharmacy services now offered at the Ball State Health Center Pharmacy will be transferred to the IU Health Pavilion Community Pharmacy at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, and the Employee Quick Clinic will close permanently.

Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

The IU Health Pavilion Community Pharmacy is located in the lobby of the Outpatient Medical Pavilion at Ball Memorial Hospital at 2401 W University Ave, Muncie, IN 47303.

Your prescription will be available at the IU Health Pavilion Community Pharmacy at Ball Memorial Hospital. The pharmacy staff can be reached at 765-747-8461. The prescription can be picked up in the pharmacy or it can be delivered curbside.

It will be available at the IU Health Pavilion Community Pharmacy and the staff can be reached at 765-747-8461. If you need to have a refill, you can call the Pavilion Pharmacy and tell the pharmacy staff you have a prescription at the Ball State Pharmacy you need refilled. If you have the prescription number, that would be very helpful to provide to the pharmacy staff. They will be able to access the information from the Ball State Pharmacy and get it refilled at the Pavilion.

The patient would need to tell the provider to send the prescription to the IU Health Pavilion Community Pharmacy via E-prescribe or call the pharmacy at 765-747-8461 and have them provide a verbal prescription to the pharmacy. You can also provide the info to the staff at the Pavilion Pharmacy on the prescription you are looking for and the provider’s info and they can reach out to the provider for you.

Yes. Ordering a refill online is easy and simple. You can order a refill online here.

  • Sunday - 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Monday-Friday - 7 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Saturday - 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

For general inquiries, call 765-747-8461

You can take the Red, Orange or Green Loops on the campus shuttle to the shuttle South Shelter on Gilbert Street. IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital is two blocks from the shelter on Gilbert Street. You can also travel two blocks on University Avenue to get to the hospital. Use the TransLoc Real-Time Tracking app to see available routes. Learn more about ways to access real-time information here.

Yes, the eBill option is available at the IU Health Pavilion Community pharmacy. You may ask for that option when using the pharmacy.  The charges will be submitted to your eBill at Ball State as it has in the past with the Ball State Pharmacy. 

Curbside delivery is available and encouraged. Please call 765-747-8461 to set up the delivery to your vehicle.

A pharmacist is available for consultation during the pharmacy’s hours of operation. All messages will be addressed within one business day.

Muncie has several pharmacies to serve your pharmacy needs. Listed below are a few pharmacies within walking distance of campus:

  • CVS Pharmacy at 201 S. Tillotson Ave.: 765-287-0074
  • Genoa Healthcare at 130 N. Tillotson Ave.: 765-288- 3770
  • Walgreens Pharmacy at 2720 W. Jackson St.: 765-287-8533

There are also numerous other pharmacies that are a short drive or ride away, including the Walmart Pharmacy which is on the MITS Bus Loop that comes through campus. Students with a valid Ball State ID can ride the MITS Bus for free.

You can always contact your primary care physician to schedule an appointment for your healthcare needs. You can also locate urgent care facilities in your area by logging into Sydney Health or Anthem.com and searching for urgent care providers covered under your Anthem medical insurance.

These changes are part of a comprehensive review of Ball State University’s agreement with IU Health to provide quality healthcare services to our students. In addition, considering the resources and personnel at the Ball State Health Center, the trend of healthcare needs among students, the decline in the use of the Employee Quick Clinic, and the availability of convenient healthcare providers available in the community, this is the right time to make these changes and align our resources to maintain quality care and services for our students.

Yes, Workers Compensation services will remain unchanged.

Muncie has several pharmacies to serve your prescription needs. Listed below are a few pharmacies available to employees close to Ball State University:

  • All CVS Pharmacies
  • WalMart Pharmacies,
  • Meijer Pharmacy, Access to Care Pharmacies,
  • IU Health Pharmacies (Pavilion Pharmacy, Family Pharmacy, and Yorktown Pharmacy)
  • Kroger Pharmacies