Making you feel at home on campus is one of the main goals of the Office of Housing and Residence Life. To achieve this goal, our office offers the following services.

Woodworth Complex is the only housing location on campus without centralized A/C. We understand that some students with medical needs may require air conditioning in buildings without central air. If you are a student who may need A/C, please contact the Office of Disability Services stating your need for this accommodation.

*Please do not bring a roll-away or freestanding air conditioning unit for your room as these will NOT be allowed. Plan to request an air conditioner and follow the established program in place.

Registering Your Bike

To keep your bike safe on campus, we strongly recommend registering your bike with the University Police Department. 

The increasing popularity of bicycling as a sport and a means of transportation has made bicycles an easy target for thieves. It is estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year. Nowhere is bicycle theft a bigger problem than on college campuses.

Bikes that are registered are more likely to be recovered and returned to their owners if they are stolen.

The bicycle registration information is kept on file at Ball State University Police Department, so even if the owner has graduated or moved, Ball State police will be able to provide ownership information on the bicycle.

About the Program

The bicycle registration program is essentially a database of bike information – the owner’s identification along with the brand, model, serial number, and color of the bicycle.

The purpose of the program is to help the bike owner protect their property.

Why Register?

Bikes that are registered are less likely to be stolen, and if stolen and recovered, more likely to be returned to their owners. The bicycle registration information is kept on file at Ball State University Police Department, so even if the owner has graduated or moved, Ball State police will be able to provide ownership information on the bicycle.

Serial Numbers

You will need to provide your bike’s serial number in order to register it. These are generally stamped onto the bicycle frame (not on wheels, etc.). It usually starts with SN and is rarely a sticker.

Register Your Bike

Any Ball State student, faculty or staff member can register their bicycle online.


  1. Across the top bar
  2. On the seat mast
  3. On the lower bar
  4. On the hanger bracket near the sprocket (this is the most common location)
  5. On one of the rear forks (left) or (right)
  6. On one of the rear stay bars (left) or (right)
Bike serial number locations

More Information

For more information, contact Crime Prevention Coordinator, Officer Justin Smith at 765-285-3009.

Break housing is offered in Studebaker East for students who need housing when the residence halls are closed. This is based upon availability and is subject to additional charges for each break period. Please contact our office at 765-285-8000 for more information. 

Ball State Housing does not provide cable. However, a free movie streaming service, HRL Movies, is available for students living in our residence halls. On-campus students can access the online library as long as they have a connection to Ball State's WiFi. New additions to the online library are added monthly!


Student organizations affiliated with Housing and Residence Life offer a variety of fundraising opportunities for students and family members to support.

Residence Hall Linens, rugs, and room bundles

Students want to be comfortable in their residence hall. As a result, RHA has partnered with our preferred vendor, Dormify, to offer the Residence Hall Linens Program to students. Extra-long sheets are often a challenge to find, so an array of custom-sized linens guaranteed to fit is offered. We also provide an assortment of other supplies including storage solutions, pillows, extra-long comforters, extra-long mattress pads, and anything else you may need. Funds raised from this program support student events through the Residence Hall Association (RHA).

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Care Package Program

Share your love and support all year long with the Care Package Program. This program is sponsored by RHA in partnership with our preferred vendor, Sealed With A Kiss. A care package is the best way to remind your student that family members are thinking of them on a birthday, a holiday, and during final exams. Each of our care packages are loaded with all of your student's favorite snacks and can include a personal note. Don't just show them how much you care, tell them! Money raised from this program supports student events through RHA.

Order a Care Package

If needed, communal computers and printers are available for students living in the residence halls to use.

Printers inside residence halls are also compatible with PrintSmart Remote Printing! PrintSmart enables the option for students to print campus-wide, easily and conveniently submit print jobs online, and release print jobs through MobilePrintFor more information on PrintSmart Remote Printing, visit University IT's website. To view all PrintSmart printer locations on campus, click here (Residence Hall locations will gradually be added to the listing).

Printing in the halls will pull from the student's on-campus printing allotment. All Ball State students automatically have $30.00 loaded into their PrintSmart account per semester allowing for 600 Black and White impressions, or 120 Color Impressions.

Additionally, the formerly designated computer lab space inside of the residence halls are currently being modified. We are assessing innovative ways to utilize the space in order to meet the needs of our on-campus students.

For any technical issues with wired and/or wireless technology needs within the residence halls, please contact the Technology HelpDesk.

If you're having trouble with the WIFI connection in your residence hall room be sure your device is connected to the bsusecure wireless SSID, and not bsuguest. The bsuguest network is for guests to campus, not intended for Ball State students or staff. It is a limited bandwidth with minimal access permissions. Wireless setup guides are available at each hall desk for students to use for step-by-step instructions on connecting a device.

Students, faculty, and staff that are using a wireless network connection are encouraged to use bsusecure. You can find specific instructions for configuring a device at the HelpDesk.


Each residence hall complex has a computer lab and/or technology center designed to meet any need, whether it's a class project, browsing the web, accessing email, scanning documents, or using a printer/copier. Bringing a computer from home to use in your room or on campus is also allowed.

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Each hall has a front desk.

Available amenities include:

  • vacuum rental
  • table tennis and pool items
  • board games
  • change
  • telephone books
  • copier services

A staff comprised of resident assistants (RAs) and hall desk staff work various shifts throughout the day and evening to assist you.

Gender Inclusive Housing is scattered throughout several of our residence halls providing safe and inviting living environments for LGBTQ students, including transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students.

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Each floor has a designated custodian.

Custodians remove trash from trash rooms, clean common areas, and clean restrooms daily (Monday through Friday).

Limited custodial service which includes trash removal and paper supplying is completed on the weekends.

Laundry facilities are located in each of our buildings for residents to utilize!

Our washers use laundry detergent pods that are "HE" for high-efficiency washing machines. This helps our machines with the washing process and makes it easier for transporting detergent. 

Paying for Laundry

We recommend students download the mobile app Speed Queen.

By utilizing the app, students can use a credit card to pay for their laundry. Laundry facilities also accept quarters. The cost per wash load is $1.75 and $1.50 to dry for one hour. Cardinal Cash is no longer accepted as a unit of pay for laundry. 

Speed Queen also allows students to select the building they want to do their laundry in, see machine availability, time left on a cycle, and even receive a text when laundry is done. When using the app, students will need to use the Location Pin of BSU001 to view the halls on campus.

To watch how to utilize the app and set up your account, click on the button below.


Students may purchase small refrigerators and microwaves to bring with them to campus. If you choose to bring a refrigerator from home, please make certain that it is no more than 5.0 cubic feet. For microwaves, please use one that uses 800 watts or less. In addition, you may have small electrical appliances with unexposed, self-contained heating units. Also keep in mind that with the exception of microwaves, all cooking must be done in the community kitchens.

Renting a MicroFridge

Housing and Residence Life has a partnership with where students can easily rent MicroFridges for the Academic Year!

A MicroFridge is a combination freezer, refrigerator, and microwave oven designed for students' busy lifestyles. It holds, stores, and prepares the beverages, frozen foods, and microwave products you enjoy at home, but in the compact space you will call "home" while you're away at school. The separate freezer is complete with a wide door for storage and lots of shelf space. The dedicated microwave heats food evenly and the whole unit is designed to resist spills for easy cleaning. The unit requires only a single plug, so there's no need for additional extension cords, outlets, or adapters.

Renting ensures a smoother and safer move-in process for all students! By renting through BedLoft, the micro-fridge will be delivered directly to your room prior to move-in. The company will also remove the micro-fridge at the end of the academic year. For product information and ordering, please visit  

Orders for the 23-24 Academic Year should be placed by the pre-order deadline of July 28, 2023.



Students living in the residence halls are encouraged to participate in our in-hall recycling program. When you throw away your trash from your room, separate the paper, plastic, glass, and metal items and pitch those items in the marked recycling box in your hall's trash room. The custodians will keep recycled items in separate bags, but will place these items with trash in the same trash bins outside the buildings, which is called commingled trash. Our contractor that hauls away all trash from the university will separate the commingled trash and recyclable items at its recycling center.

Also, help us conserve energy by following these suggestions from the Ball State Energy Action Team (BEAT):

  • Turn off lights when you leave your room.
  • Use a powerstrip for your electrical needs.
  • Unplug computers and televisions when not in use.
  • Air dry clothes after washing.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED lights, when possible.
  • Turn off the air conditioning on nice days and open the window, if applicable.

Our room repair website allows you to quickly and easily report non-emergency maintenance problems at any time of the day. Learn more about the types of requests that can be made.

If your request is an emergency (i.e. flood, serious injury scene) please contact your hall desk or Residential Learning Coordinator. Otherwise, please submit your request online.

Important: If you have disabled the pop-ups on your Internet browser, you will need to enable this feature to use the software.


The Official Storage and Shipping Partner of Housing and Residence Life at Ball State University – STORAGE SQUAD!

Students are encouraged to store and ship their items with Storage Squad over the summer or while studying abroad.

Here’s how easy it is: 

  • Make a reservation at Storage Squad
  • Pick up FREE boxes and packing tape from a convenient location around campus
  • Pack and label your belongings
  • Storage Squad meets you at your campus address, and they place everything in their secure storage facility
  • They ship your stuff domestically via UPS ground when and where you request
  • Storage Squad delivers when your return to campus – it’s that simple! 

Everyday Low Pricing
The size of each item determines costs.  Visit Storage Squad to use their price estimating tool.

Reserve your space with Storage Squad

Accommodations are available for students with disabilities, depending on the type of need a person may have.

To request this type of space, as well as learn about other available services at Ball State, call the Office of Disability Services at 765-285-5293.

Within the Office of Housing and Residence Life, we have a focus on sustainability to make sure our campus and halls are here for generations.

Students can help with the sustainability of our halls by following the steps laid out in this guide.

To promote water conservation, we ask students to take the following steps within the halls:

1) Reduce shower time

2) Ditch single-use bottles for refillable containers

3) Try silk floss and bamboo toothbrushes

4) Shampoo and conditioner bars last longer and are waste-free

5) Try air drying some of your towels and clothing

6) Turn off the water while brushing your teeth

7) Always report leaky taps - Repairs can be requested here.

8) Never flush garbage down the toilet

9) Turn off the water after each use


If you have additional questions about our services, please contact us.