Filing This Report

Ball State University is committed to maintaining a campus climate for all community members, that helps them feel supported and valued for their intrinsic worth. By reporting incidents that have negatively impacted you, others, or the community, and/or are contrary to Ball State University’s values, Beneficence Pledge, or codes of conduct, you are making a valuable contribution in helping to maintain the integrity and safety of the campus community as a whole.

Report a Climate Incident

If this is an emergency situation, a crime has occurred, or you or someone else requires immediate medical or emergency services attention, please contact the University Police Department at 765-285-1111 or dial 9-1-1.

Ball State University strives to protect the privacy of individuals who report incidents. All information will remain private but not confidential. If you wish to speak to someone confidentially prior to reporting, please contact:

Advocacy and Response

Meeting the goals of our Inclusive Excellence Plan is an ongoing process of engagement, education, collaboration, assessment, and modification. We recognize that the process of meeting our goals is not simple and that there are barriers that need to be addressed. In order to address these issues, the Office of Inclusive Excellence coordinates with campus stakeholders to alleviate concerns while advocating for policies and practices that aim to remove the impact of these barriers.

Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup Dialogue is a face-to-face conversation between members of two or more social identity groups centered around a topic under the umbrella of social justice, equity, and inclusion. The goal of intergroup dialogue is to create a new level of understanding, relating, and action. By exploring social identities, intergroup dialogue helps create an understanding of the ways that social and systemic structures promote privilege and inequality. Participating in intergroup dialogue creates strong relationships across differences through the development of empathy and bridge-building. Intergroup Dialogue promotes intergroup collaboration and a shared sense of personal and social responsibility.

Title IX

Our Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean of Students, Katie Slabaugh, leads Ball State’s efforts that are aimed at maintaining a campus community free of discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex (except where sex is a bona fide qualification), sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, national origin, ancestry, or age. The responsibilities of this position represent Ball State’s commitment to cultivating a safe and respectful campus community for all.

The Title IX Coordinator has primary responsibility for implementing Title IX efforts at Ball State, which includes creating a campus community that is safe and respectful for learning, working, and living.

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