Inclusive Excellence Training and Resources

Faculty are invited to partake in trainings and workshops provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Office of Inclusive Excellence to strengthen our community and improve the campus and classroom experience. Learn more.

Receive assistance in creating more inclusive classroom instruction through Inclusive Pedagogy Seminar. This program is offered in May. 

The seminar, open to all Ball State University faculty, is four two-hour meetings over eight days with “homework” between each meeting. Participants produce plans for innovations they will implement during the subsequent academic year.

Seminar Leaders

David Concepcion

David Concepcion
Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

John Anderson

John Anderson
Assistant Lecturer of Sociology


  • Multiple intersecting cultural axes of privilege/Discontinuous unity of oppression
  • EXERCISE: Diversity axes 
  • Diversity as bodies and stories
  • Imperviousness/vulnerability
  • Distribution of cognitive authority
  • Self-identification vs. Identification from others
  • Access/Universal design
  • Integrated course design, the role of learning objectives in pedagogical choice-making
  • Controlled failure
  • Formative feedback
  • Deliberative practice
  • Intrinsic rewards
  • EXERCISE: Gerunds

Present initial idea to colleagues, then give and receive feedback.

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