Graduate students from the Audiology Department working in classrooms and labs with clients.

The Audiology Clinic is a full-service practice offering the latest in comprehensive services. Whether you have hearing loss, want to protect your hearing, experience dizziness and balance issues, or are interested in devices available to help you better communicate, the clinic provides hearing and balance care that can meet your needs.

Diagnostic Services

  • newborn hearing evaluations
  • child hearing evaluations
  • adult hearing evaluations
  • tinnitus evaluations
  • auditory processing disorder evaluations
  • evaluation of dizziness and balance
  • fall risk assessment

Rehabilitative Services

  • hearing aid evaluations/fittings
  • cochlear implant evaluations/fittings
  • ear wax removal
  • assistive listing devices: amplified telephones, alerting devices, and classroom amplification (FM/DM systems)
  • hearing aid/cochlear implant repairs
  • balance rehabilitation program
  • swim molds
  • hearing protection (for musicians, hunters, or anyone exposed to loud sounds)

Professional Care

Services are provided by Ball State doctor of audiology graduate students under the supervision of experienced audiologists licensed by the state of Indiana and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Our clinic offers First Steps to provide early intervention services for the birth to three-year-old population who have loss of hearing.

Our Balance Assessment and Rehabilitation Center features state-of-the-art diagnostic and rehabilitative equipment to treat balance disorders. The center evaluates and focuses on improving balance function.

Schedule an Appointment

if you’d like to schedule a time to meet with us, please call us. Also, you will need to complete forms for your child depending upon the evaluation you are seeking. Please download and print the appropriate forms for your evaluation.