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The Ball State University Speech Pathology Clinic offers the latest evaluation and rehabilitation options. Our goal is to provide quality communication services to individuals who need increased communication skills. Read more about our services below or learn more about billing and insurance and other services offered through the Interprofessional Community Clinics.

Diagnostic Services

  • clinical swallowing evaluation for dysphagia
  • English as a second language
  • fluency analysis: stuttering/cluttering and rate control
  • neurological deficits analysis: cognitive-linguistic, memory, executive function, etc.
  • receptive and expressive language analysis: literacy-language analysis, assessing age appropriate communication skills, and ability to effectively communicate wants and needs, etc. 
  • speech sound disorders analysis
  • voice evaluations and instrumentation analysis including videostroboscopy

Rehabilitative Services

  • accent reduction: cultural knowledge and pronunciation
  • augmentative communication: memory books, use of pictures, schedule books, overall total communication approaches, and voice-synthesized devices
  • aural rehabilitation: language/vocabulary and lip reading
  • cognition retraining: increase attention and memory skills, improve ability to problem solve and increase organizational skills.
  • dysphagia: diet modification, feeding interventions, patient and family education, and swallowing strategies
  • fluency/stuttering/cluttering and speaking rate; strategies to produce fluent speech
  • language therapy including: language processing, literacy, receptive/expressive language, etc.
  • neurological deficits (aphasia, dementia, traumatic brain injury, etc.)
  • pragmatics and social communication therapy
  • speech sound disorders
  • voice: gender-affirming treatment, professional voice management, volume control, etc.

Voice treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

Our Speech Pathology Clinic offers individual and group therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s disease using the SPEAK OUT!® speech treatment program available through the Parkinson Voice Project. Individual and group therapy sessions are available. Learn more.

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Professional Care

Services are provided by speech-language pathology students under the close supervision of experienced speech-language pathologists licensed by the state of Indiana and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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