Mentoring is in Ball State’s DNA—and continues to thrive as a university strategic priority.

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Giang Petroviak

While Giang has seen her professional and personal network enriched through volunteering, her desire to positively impact students is the driving force behind her volunteer work at Ball State.

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Brown Family Amphitheater

The Brown Family Amphitheater offers an exemplary performance space for students, faculty, and the Muncie community.

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More than $58M Raised

37,000+ Total gifts

22,000+ Total donors

$3M Awarded in Donor-Funded & Foundation Scholarships

One Ball State Day 2023

$1.2M Raised

Lindsey Blom

"Donor support encourages our students that people are invested and interested in their development. It allows us to send students to professional conferences, buy instructional materials, and invest in new technology. With OBSD giving we will increase our funding for students to travel to professional conferences. These contributions encourage and energize students and faculty. Thank you!"

 -Dr. Lindsey Blom, Department Chair of the School of Kinesiology and Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology

 Scholarships supported Hope Stauffer’s, B.A. ‘23 dreams of becoming a filmmaker, designer, and animator.

In the spirit of gratitude, we express our appreciation for you–our alumni, friends, and fans–for your selfless service and for your generous philanthropy.

This is Our Call to Beneficence...and Yours!