Ball State University senior Chris Guevara doesn’t mind standing in the rain while thunder roars and winds whip by. And, he doesn’t mind if a billboard with his likeness suffers through bad weather, either.

After all, he’s an aspiring television news meteorologist who likes to share his fascination about the weather.

Guevara, who hails from Crown Point, Indiana, is on a Ball State University billboard along Interstate 65 near Indianapolis as part of “We Fly,” Ball State’s successful, ongoing marketing campaign.

Thousands see him daily—clad in a windblown trench coat holding an anemometer, a device that measures wind speed.

“This is a great way to show people that Ball State has so many fun, interesting programs that lead to exciting careers,” said Guevara, who will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology and climatology.

Guevara was fascinated by thunderstorms as a child and wanted to know how they formed. Now, he wants to share his passion and understanding of weather science with the public.

“I think I can make a difference by sharing my knowledge in order to save lives and protect communities,” he said.

In addition to regular appearances as a weather forecaster with NewsLink Indiana, a student-produced television news program, and WCRD-FM, the University’s student-managed radio station, Guevara has been instrumental with the Cardinal Weather Service, which provides forecasts to area organizations.

“Chris has been an amazing student in his four years here,” said Petra Zimmerman, an associate professor of geography at Ball State.

The billboard isn’t the first time Guevara has contributed to the University’s marketing efforts. He has been featured in television commercials and various other recruiting materials.

“When I came to Ball State, I never realized all the opportunities that are here on campus, because I just wanted to know about the weather,” he said. “Now, I want students and their families to realize all the things that can happen when they become a Cardinal. I’m glad I can contribute to that by appearing on this billboard.”