Topics: Foundation, President

May 22, 2020

I write to inform you that I have appointed Jean Crosby to serve as the next President of the Ball State University Foundation and the Vice President of University Advancement, effective immediately. After careful consideration, I decided that we didn’t need to conduct an extensive search to fill this important position, because the best candidate was already on our team.

Jean has twice served in an interim capacity in this role. She continues to demonstrate that she has the skills, the temperament, and the work ethic to lead the Foundation effectively. She also has established credibility and respect among every University constituency—from the Foundation Board and staff, to the Alumni Council, to our cabinet and our deans.

I value Jean’s leadership during a moment in our University’s history when stability and continuity is more important than ever. I made this decision after consulting with members of the executive committee of the Foundation Board, as well as Kelli Lawrence, who serves as the president of the Alumni Council. They share my gratitude for Jean’s steady and strong leadership in these uncertain times.

In sum, Jean personifies our enduring values, and I respect her judgment. I look forward to continuing to work with her to advance the mission of our University.


Geoffrey S. Mearns
Ball State University