Ball State University trademarks are any marks, letters, nicknames, or words associated with Ball State University. These trademarks are used to identify the University, it's athletic programs, documents, publications, and products.

Ball State University has chosen Collegiate Licensing Company to manage its licensing program, ensuring the marks of the university are used appropriately, in good taste, and with quality reproduction.

Any producer of products bearing any Ball State University marks must have a license before offering those goods for sale.

Obtain a License

To obtain information or a license, view the Collegiate Licensing Company website.

Get a License


All uses of the Ball State University logo and trademarks require approval of the artwork and/or samples.

Review the Ball State University Trademark Licensing Program Procedures (PDF).

Student Organizations

Student organizations that have items produced bearing the Ball State University marks are required to buy them from licensed vendors.


Ball State University is a member of the Fair Labor Association and the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC).

The Fair Labor Association consists of consumer, human, and labor rights groups, including the International Labor Rights Fund, the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, the National Consumers League and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, as well as 150 universities and colleges, leading apparel and footwear, manufacturers and retailers.

The Fair Labor Association monitors manufacturers of licensed products for their adherence with their FLA Code of Conduct which addresses: legal compliance, environmental compliance, ethical principles, and employment standards.

The Worker Rights Consortium is an independent labor rights monitoring organization, conducting investigations of working conditions in factories around the globe. Their purpose is to combat sweatshops and protect the rights of workers who make apparel and other products.

The WRC conducts independent, in-depth investigations, issues public reports on factories producing for major brands; and aids workers at these factories in their efforts to end labor abuses and defend their workplace rights. The WRC is proud to have the support of over 175 college and university affiliates and our primary focus is the labor practices of factories that make university-related apparel.