Along with accommodations tailored to your own needs a student, the Office of Disability Services provides additional resources to help you get involved on campus and succeed academically. Or if you’re a faculty member, review our information about how to best assist any students who have disabilities.



We want all of our students to excel at Ball State, which is why our office helps qualified students acquire accommodations based on their needs. Learn more.

Faculty Mentorship Program

Our Faculty Mentorship Program helps students with disabilities succeed by pairing them for their first-semester with Ball State faculty members. These faculty serve as mentors who guide them through the rigors of college and successfully transition. Learn more.

Disability Awareness Month

Each March, Ball State celebrates Disability Awareness Month by hosting guest speakers, presentations, and other informative events that recognize the accomplishments of those with disabilities. Learn more.

Alliance for Disability Awareness

The Alliance for Disability Awareness meets monthly and sponsors events throughout the school year to educate others and raise awareness. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answer to questions students with disabilities frequently have as they transition into and complete their degrees at Ball State. Learn more.

Workforce Recruitment Program

The federal Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) provides career development opportunities to students with disabilities each year. This free program connects college students, graduate students, and recent graduates with disabilities to federal employers who are seeking to hire for internships and jobs. Learn more.

Canvas Exams

If you administer exams through Canvas, you may extend time for students who may need it due to a disability. Learn more.


Take a positive step for everyone by interacting and communicating thoughtfully and respectfully. Learn more.

Classroom Attendance

Follow our guidelines for working with students who may need to miss classes due to a disability. Learn more.

Assignment Deadlines

Follow our guidelines for working with students who may need extensions on assignments due to their disability. Learn more.

Emergency Response

If a student has an emergency such as a seizure in your classroom, review our guidelines so you know the best way to respond to the situation. Learn more.

Academic Recording Policy

Follow our guidelines for working with students who may need to record audio in your courses. Follow our guidelines for working with students who may need to record audio in your courses. Learn more.

Test Administration

The University is responsible for accommodating students with disabilities with alternative testing arrangements when needed. Learn more.

Referring Students

If you feel a student would benefit from Disability Services’ assistance, review effective and proper ways to refer them to our office. Learn more.

How to Help Students with Disabilities

Are you working with a student with a disability and would like to know the best way to accommodate their needs or to communicate positively with them? Review our recommendations and guidelines.