The Graphic Design staff provides a variety of traditional and electronic graphic services in support of video production.
Services include: 
    1. Digital Graphic Design. From consultation through production, our graphic designers work with you to create visual presentations that enhance educational content. Web designs, DVD and CD-ROM, paper-based publications, and interactive media projects will benefit from the visual impact and creative style designed by our talented team.

    2. Animation. Two and three-dimensional animations can illustrate concepts in ways that static graphics, text, and video cannot. Our designers generate professional quality animation sequences to assure that Ball State students receive the best learning experiences possible.

    3. Set Design. Using the latest in set design tools, our designers create studio sets using our state-of-the-art virtual technology. Incorporating graphical themes, logos, or other images into the virtual studio set establishes an identity to your project. Sets are designed with your content in mind.