The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs helps academic units and faculty with many of the administrative and operational matters that affect their programs. This includes accreditations, managing or establishing their curriculums, and reviewing programs and academic units.


Two types of accreditation apply to Ball State. Institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission applies to all programs at the University. Also, many programs and colleges have specialized accreditations from outside agencies within their own disciplines. Learn more.

Curriculum Management

Review Ball State’s academic program inventory and list of CIP codes to help manage an academic degree program. Review the process to develop a new program or two change the curriculum for an existing one. Learn more

Faculty Qualifications and Tested Experience

Ball State University ensures that all instructional faculty and faculty responsible for developing curriculum possess the academic preparation, training, and experience to teach in an academic setting, meet or exceed the minimum requirements of accrediting bodies, and accomplish the mission of the institution. Learn more.

Program Assessments

Each academic program undergoes an assessment to ensure its quality and identify areas for growth or improvement. Review the cycle and find more information about the process. Learn more.

Student Learning Outcomes

We use student learning outcomes to align faculty and students on what's expected out of each course and program. Review the process to develop these outcome statements for syllabi. Learn more.

University Core Curriculum (UCC) Assessments

Each course in the tiered University Core Curriculum (UCC) undergoes annual assessment to provide opportunities for improvement, ensure quality, and comply with the Higher Learning Commission's expectations for General Education assessment.  Learn more.

University Core Curriculum Transformation

The University Core Curriculum (UCC) aims to provide Ball State students with a strong foundation of ideas and skills to pursue fulfilling lives and meaningful careers. the University Core Curriculum Task Force has developed a reimagined University Core Curriculum, including a proposed structure with implementation recommendations. Learn more.

Unit Reviews

Academic departments undergo recurring reviews to ensure continuous improvement and comply with the Higher Learning Commission’s expectations for accreditation. Review the process and a see a schedule of departmental reviews. Learn more.