The timeline for Ball State’s accreditation process included an institutional self-study, opportunities for campus/community feedback on the self-study report, and a visit by a peer review team.

May 2011

  • Self-study steering committee appointed; first meeting held.
  • Planning for self-study process begins.

July 2011

August 2011

  • Subcommittees begin to gather data, conduct interviews, analyze, and develop draft reports.

September 2011

 October–December 2011  

  • Public website launched at
  • Online repository established for self-study data and documents.
  • Campuswide communications initiated to inform and engage faculty, staff, and students.

January–May 2012

  • Subcommittees continue to gather data, conduct interviews, analyze, and develop draft reports.
  • Campuswide communications update faculty, staff, and students on process.

June–September 2012

  • Steering committee analyzes information, completes studies, and prepares draft of self-study report.

October–December 2012

  • Draft self-study report circulated for campus/community feedback; three open forums conducted on campus and in the local community November 7, 12, and 13.
  • Steering committee formally proposes requests for change to be considered during review team’s visit in fall 2013.

January–February 2013

  • Campus/community feedback reviewed, and final self-study report compiled.

March–April 2013

  • Final self-study report distributed to campus/community for comment.

May–June 2013

  • Self-study report and all required documents finalized.
  • Steering committee prepares for campus visit by peer review team.

July–September 2013

  • Final self-study report provided to Higher Learning Commission staff and peer review team.
  • Campuswide communications prepare faculty, staff, and students for review team’s visit.

Fall 2013–Spring 2014

  • Peer review team visits campus for accreditation evaluation (October 7–9, 2013).
  • Accreditation decision by the Higher Learning Commission (January 14, 2014).