Dr. Kevin Nolan
Dr. Kevin Nolan
Director and Senior Archaeologist


Room:CS 221C

Department: Applied Anthropology Laboratories

Kevin is the Director and Senior Archaeologist in the Applied Anthropology Laboratories (AAL), an institute within the College of Sciences and Humanities at Ball State University.  The AAL is a highly productive Knowledge Unit that executes external contracts and grants to help further Ball State University’s mission of being the model student-centered, community-engaged 21st-century public research university. Our motto in the AAL is “Learn. Work. Discover.” We realize this mission by conducting ground-breaking research while providing thousands of hours of hands-on entrepreneurial learning for our dozens of graduate and undergraduate employees.  We regularly fund graduate assistantships for anthropology and archaeology students through our research grants, especially those interested in the material record of the Midwest.

Kevin is an Ohio Valley archaeologist with a primary research interest in the Late Prehistoric period (ca. AD 1000 – 1600) of the Middle Ohio Valley, particularly how humans interact with the environment. He has published collections-based research, results of fieldwork, and theoretical models for the Middle Woodland (ca. 50 BC – AD 400) and Late Prehistoric periods. Other research interests include evolutionary approaches to human behavior, siteless survey, and regional analysis, paleoenvironments, and systematics. Kevin also has an interest in public education and has regularly given presentations to grade school and high school classes about archaeology and science.

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Select Publications

* indicates co-author was a student at the time of drafting

Nolan, Kevin C.
2020          Bringing Archaeology into the Information Age: Entropy, Noise, Channel Capacity, and Information Potential in Archaeological Significance Assessments.  Quality and Quantity 54: 1171–1196. doi: 10.1007/s11135-020-00980-0

Hill, Mark A., Kevin C. Nolan, Mark F. Seeman
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Nolan, Kevin C., Mark A. Hill, Mark F. Seeman, *Eric Olson, *Emily Butcher, *Sneha Chavali, and *Nora Hillard
2020          Scale and Community in Hopewell Networks (SCHoN): Summary of Preliminary Results.  In Encountering Hopewell in Ohio and Beyond, Volume Two: Settlements, Foodways, and Interaction, edited by BG Redmond, BJ Ruby, and J Burks, pp. 148-175. (product of BCS 1419225)

Hill, Mark A., Mark F. Seeman, Paul J. Pacheco, Jarrod Burks, *Eric Olson, *Emily Butcher, and Kevin C. Nolan
2020          Material Choice and Interaction on Brown’s Bottom.  In Encountering Hopewell in Ohio and Beyond, Volume Two: Settlements, Foodways, and Interaction, edited by BG Redmond, BJ Ruby, and J Burks, pp. 124-147. (product of BCS 1419225)

Nolan, Kevin C., Amanda E. Balough*, and Christine Thompson
2019          Archaeological Investigations of Northern Benton County, Indiana.  Indiana Archaeology 14:34-53.

Seeman, Mark F., Kevin C. Nolan, and Mark A. Hill
2019          Copper as an essential and exotic Hopewell metal.  Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 24:1095-1101. doi: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2018.12.019 (product of BCS 1419225)

Thompson, Christine, and Kevin C. Nolan
2018       A Village Built over a Battlefield: Urban Archaeology and Preservation at the Battle of the Wabash (1791).  Indiana Archaeology 13(1): 43-48.

*Leeuwrik, Jamie, Christine Thompson, and Kevin C. Nolan
2018       Archaeological Investigations of the Northern half of Newton County, Indiana.  Indiana Archaeology 13(1): 7-26.

Hill, Mark A., Mark F. Seeman, Kevin C. Nolan, and Laure Dussubieux
2018     An Empirical Evaluation of Copper Procurement and Distribution: Elemental Analysis of Scioto Valley Hopewell CopperArchaeological and Anthropological Sciences 10(5): 1193-1205.  DOI: 10.1007/s1252 (product of BCS 1419225).

Nolan, Kevin C., James Leak, and Cameron Quimbach
2018       The Single-Pass Survey and the Collector: A Reasonable Effort in Good Faith?  In Collaborative Engagement: Working with Private Collections and Responsive Collectors, edited by Michael Shott, Mark F. Seeman, and Kevin C. Nolan, pp. 51-66.  Occasional Papers No. 3, Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology.

Shott, Michael J., Mark F. Seeman, and Kevin C. Nolan (eds.)
2018       Collaborative Engagement: Working with Private Collections and Responsive Collectors.Occasional Papers No. 3, Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology.

*Leeuwrik, Jamie M., *Shelbi Long, Christine Thompson, *Erin Steinwachs, and Kevin C. Nolan
2017       A Data Deficient Region: An Archaeological Survey of Newton County, Indiana.  Indiana Archaeology Journal 12(2):124-153.

*Macleod, Colin, *Shelbi Long, Christine Thompson, Kevin Nolan, and *Erin Steinwachs
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Hart, John P. and Kevin C. Nolan
2015 Comment on Cook and Comstock’s “Evaluating the Old Wood Problem in a Temperate Climate: A Fort Ancient Case Study”. American Antiquity 80(3):610-612.

Nolan, Kevin C., Samantha Blatt, Paul Sciulli, and Christine K. Thompson
2015       A Late Woodland Red Ochre Burial Cache in Madison County, Ohio. North American Archaeologist 36(3):197-236.

Nolan, Kevin C. and Brian G. Redmond
2015       Geochemical and Geophysical Prospecting at Three Multicomponent Sites in the Southwestern Lake Erie Basin: A Pilot StudyJournal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2:94-105. DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2015.01.002

Nolan, Kevin C. and Paul Sculli
2014       Rejoinder to Sciulli and Purcell: Two Late Prehistoric Dogs from the Reinhardt Site (33PI880), Pickaway County, Ohio. Pennsylvania Archaeologist 84(2):65-73.

Nolan, Kevin C.
2014       Prehistoric Landscape Exploitation Strategies Through Time in Central Ohio: A GIS AnalysisJournal of Ohio Archaeology 3:12-37. 

Nolan, Kevin C.
2014       Prospecting for Prehistoric Gardens: Results of a Pilot Study. Archaeological Prospection 21(2):147-154. DOI: 10.1002/arp.1465.

Nolan, Kevin C. and Robert A. Cook
2012       A Method for Multiple Cost Surface Evaluation of a Model of Fort Ancient Interaction. In Least Cost Analysis of Social Landscapes: Archaeological Case Studies, edited by DA White, and S Surface-Evans, pp 67-93, plate 5. University of Utah Press.

Roos, Christopher I. and Kevin C. Nolan
2012       Phosphates, Plowzones, and Plazas: A Minimally Invasive Approach to Infer Settlement Structure of Plowed Village Sites in the Midwestern USAJournal of Archaeological Science 39(1):23-32, doi:10.1016/j.jas.2011.06.033.

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Nolan, Kevin C.
2011       Distributional Survey of a Fort Ancient Village in Pickaway County, Ohio: Summary of 2007 Reinhardt Site SurveyMidcontinental Journal of Archaeology 36(1):105-130.

Nolan, Kevin C. and Steven P. Howard
2010       Using Evolutionary Archaeology and Evolutionary Ecology to Explain Cultural Elaboration: The Case of Middle Ohio Valley Woodland Period Ceremonial Subsistence.  North American Archaeology 31(2):119-154.

Nolan, Kevin C. and Robert A. Cook
2010       Volatile Climate Conditions Cahokia: Comment on Benson, Pauketat and Cook 2009American Antiquity 75(4):978-983.

Nolan, Kevin C. and Robert A. Cook
2010       An Evolutionary Model of Social Change in the Middle Ohio Valley: Was Social Complexity Impossible During the Late Woodland but Mandatory During the Late Prehistoric? Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 29:62-79; doi:10.1016/j.jaa.2009.10.004.