The Center, housed in Ball State University’s College of Communication, Information, and Media, supports research through multidisciplinary engagement of academics, government leaders, and community practitioners.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is achieved through Center activities such as workshops, working groups, and an annual meeting of Center participants. These activities are intended to foster communication among practitioners as well as facilitate scholarly research in the resiliency and continuity field.


CORe provides an environment of immersive learning for area students. Learners are an integral part of Center activities in both research and community engagement. This provides a professional network for students as well as immersive learning opportunities. CORe supports graduate students as well undergraduate education.


Taking a holistic approach to scientific inquiry, the CORe research team addresses resiliency from such academic disciplines as organizational psychology, management, game theory, and information technology. Our research is a multidisciplinary effort to addressing problems within the domain of Organizational Resiliency.

Our Team

Dr. Chris Davison

Dr. Davison holds a PhD in Information Technology, MBA (Technology Management), BS and AS both in Computer Science. His research interests include: Emergency Response Technologies, Organizational Resilience, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Leadership, Information Technology, mLearning, Networking, Ethics, and Privacy. Prior to his faculty appointment at Ball State, Dr. Davison was on the NSF-funded ResCUE and Responsphere projects at UC, Irvine.

Dr. David Hua

Dr. Hua is a Professor in the Department of Technology. He received his B.S. in Psychological Science from Ball State University, as well as his MBA (Information Systems) and PhD in Higher Education. His Research Interests include: Resiliency Collective Requirements, Information Technology, Ethics, Organizational Resilience, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Leadership, Networking, and Privacy. Prior to his employment as a professor at Ball State University, Dr. Hua was a microcomputer/ network analyst at Ball State University.

Dr. Fred Kitchens

Dr. Kitchens has PhD in Information Systems from the University of Mississippi; with an MBA and a BBA in Finance from Georgia Southern University. His research interests include Organizational Resilience, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Risk Management, Information Systems, Innovative Education, Immersive and Experiential Learning, Crowdsourcing, Collaborative Systems, and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to his academic career, he was in the insurance business, where he first became interested in organizational resilience and risk management.

Dr. Paul Biner

Dr. Biner is a Professor of Psychological Science. He received his B.A. in Psychology from San Diego State University and his MA and PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Kansas. He is also a graduate of the Institute for Survey Research at the University of Michigan. His applied research interests include training program evaluation issues while his theoretical contributions have centered largely on testing models of control motivation. He has published over 60 articles in peer-review journals. Prior to his employment at Ball State University, he was Project Director for DTW Marketing Research, Newark, NJ.

Aaron Whitfield

Aaron Whitfield is the website designer, maintainer, and developer for CORe. He is currently a Freshman at Ball State University studying Computer Technology. In his spare time he works at Ball State's Technology HelpDesk, runs one of Ball State’s largest student organizations/businesses, and is a huge Bitcoin enthusiast. Aaron also writes for Innovation and Technology Today, a magazine sold in all Barnes and Nobles across the United States. He has had the opportunity to travel to Germany, The Netherlands, and Serbia on business trips while in college for various conferences as well.

Zach Swetlik

Zach Swetlik is a Graduate Student at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University. He is currently working as a Research Assistant with both Dr. David Hua and Dr. Chris Davison. Zach has a BS in Computer Technology from Ball State University, which also allowed him to opportunity to be an intern at the School Town of Highland's Technology Department. His professional interests include network architecture, routing and switching protocols, and the correlations between business and technology.

Eva Argyriou

Eva Argyriou comes from Athens, Greece, and graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a BS in Psychology. She is currently a Clinical Psychology MA student at Ball State University, Indiana. As a graduate assistant, she is assisting in research projects involving, among others, the investigation of attitudes toward technology adoption, and the optimization of building energy management systems, with responsibilities including literature review, statistical analysis and grant writing.