The Club MEDIC Academic Year Visits

The Club MEDIC Academic Year visits will be a chance for students to participate in a variety of health professions exploration activities through the various departments in the College of Health. Students will have the opportunity to interact and learn from faculty that reach in these major fields of health. Additionally, they will work with other at least one other unit on campus through a variety of college preparation sessions. These additional sessions will be dependent on availability.

Please use the link to the form below to schedule a visit with your students.

Important points:

  1. Visits will always occur on Fridays during the Ball State University academic year.
  2. Available dates are on a first come basis.
  3. We can accommodate up to 30 students per visit.
    1. University policy requires 1 chaperone per 10 students.
  4. Meals will be available for students, chaperones, and one bus driver.
  5. Plan in advance. The form for each week is set to close the week before an available date.

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Programming by College of Health Units


College preparation sessions

Career Exploration

The Ball State Career Center will provide a highly interactive and engaging introduction to the Career Exploration process. Students will engage in activities that will help them gain a greater understanding of their own career and professional interests. Students will complete a variety of assessments and will learn about their own unique strengths and interests, providing insight into career paths with the greatest opportunity for fulfillment and satisfaction. This self-discovery will also allow the students to begin researching career options. They will learn more about the responsibilities of different professions, salary information regarding various careers, as well as the best college majors to pursue to prepare for certain occupations.

College Readiness

Ball State Admissions staff will provide students with an information session on what is required to be college-ready. The session will include topics such as: required or preferred high school courses; understanding what it means when a school is 'test-optional'; the importance of visiting multiple colleges; and selecting a major (or entering as an undecided student). Students will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the session and be provided with a check list on steps to take to be college ready.

How to Pay for College

Ball State Financial Aid staff will provide a session to help students understand the financial aid process and the types of financial assistance available to college students. This session, along with the College Preparation session, is meant to help participants understand that attending college is a viable reality for them, both academically and financially.

Success Skills

Members of the Ball State Learning Center will lead a session to help students strengthen the skills they need to be successful at college. Topics will include: time management, study skills, dealing with being away from home, navigating a large college campus, how to find and use available campus resources such as tutors, mental health counseling support, and navigating a college campus as a first-generation student.

Co-curricular Activities on a College Campus

Students will be provided information to college life outside the classroom by being introduced to a diverse array of activities and experiences they can participate in as a college student. University and student led organizations will create programming to share this information with students.

This camp is offered at no cost to attendees and their families.
This is sponsored by Ball State's Indiana Youth Programs on Campus (IYPC) grant through Eli Lilly & Company.