Our community programs aim to help aspiring creators and entrepreneurs lead with passion, energy, and integrity. Our offerings target local youth, women, and organizations seeking assistance with problem-solving and strategy development.


Chic Innovate is a forward-thinking collaborative group comprised of women across the local Muncie community This two-year program is intentionally built to act as a professional development opportunity through individual learning and mentor relationships.

Over the course of the first year, women of different backgrounds in different chapters of their lives join forces to discover and learn from each other. In the early stages of the program beginning in late summer, professionals from the Muncie and local area come together to learn about personal skills and mentor strategies. During the second year, participants are partnered with Ball State University students to serve as a mentor and advisor investing in the student’s personal and professional growth. All participants will engage in relevant topics to build confidence in the workplace, learn professional and personal balance approaches, become well-versed in tools applicable for students and professionals alike, and grow in their leadership, creativity, innovative mindset, and problem-solving skills.

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Applications are now  closed for the 2023-24 program year.

All women in or around the Muncie area and at Ball State are encouraged to apply regardless of education, background, industry, etc. Only electronic applications will be accepted. A limited number of applicants will be selected.


Applications for Chic Innovate require the following materials:

  • a short summary of why you're interested in the program, relevant experience, future aspirations, and why you should be selected to participate;
  • a current résumé or CV;
  • any other supporting documents or letters of recommendation

Professional Participant Expectations

Program participants are expected to:

  • make a two-year commitment to the program
  • attend and participate in every meeting/trip with a willingness and eagerness to learn;
  • maintain a professional and meaningful mentor/mentee relationship; and
  • provide updates and feedback when requested

Connect with Us

Contact Candy Dodd for questions or to get involved, or follow Chic Innovate on social media to stay informed.

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Our community programs are centered on leadership development through an innovation lens. For change to happen, communities must be creative and innovative in how they approach problems and roadblocks. We provide leaders and constituents opportunities to innovate, build and lead change in their communities. 

Working with our institute, communities will learn to problem solve and find solutions resulting in a plan of action to begin making change. 

Our program offerings are carefully designed for a range of audiences including our local communities that are looking to build and strengthen their teams and see their mission in action. 

We aim to help aspiring creators and entrepreneurs lead with passion, energy, and integrity. 

Our community program offerings include:

  • Problem-Solving Facilitations
  • Executive Education

Connect with Us

Contact Candy Dodd for more information. 

GEN:i Junior Academy

Our GEN:i Junior Academy provides youth with entrepreneurial experiences and learning opportunities.

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Prototype Camps
  • Before/After School Programs
  • Virtual After School Programs
  • Youth Workshops and Events
  • Mentorships

Entrepreneurial Experiences

ELI provides opportunities for youth to engage with the University beyond the classroom setting. These include: 

  • Field Trips
  • Ball State Innovation Day (I-Day)
  • Tailgate/Campus Activities
  • K-12 Educators Innovation Boot Camp

Experiential Learning

Our goal is to provide opportunities for youth to engage with their local community leaders. We are currently developing opportunities to engage community leaders with local youth through community projects and problem solving sessions. 

  • Community Projects
  • Problem Solving Sessions with Local Leaders

Connect with Us

Contact Candy Dodd for more information. 

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