The center strives to extend enrichment and academic acceleration opportunities for Indiana students by providing several high quality programs throughout the year. The center partners with local schools to provide in-school, after-school, Saturday, school break, and summer enrichment programming. Offerings have included:

  • Future Problem Solving Program International
  • Future City
  • FIRST LEGO League Robotics
  • Camp Invention
  • Club Invention
  • Middle School Biology
  • Creative Writing
  • Honors Orchestra
  • Chess
  • STEAM Enrichment Club


What do you do when your children can handle math problems two grades ahead of their age, but their emotional maturity makes it hard for them to handle social situations? Because gifted children have many strengths and abilities, it can be difficult to address the unique social and emotional needs that may accompany their many gifts. The center facilitates regular eight-week SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Model Parenting Groups and special, individual seminars by request for parents who seek strategies for working with their gifted children. Through discussion groups and role-playing, parents have the opportunity to experiment with various strategies to support their gifted children at home and in the classroom.

Topics have included:

  • characteristics of gifted children
  • communication strategies
  • motivation, enthusiasm, and underachievement
  • discipline and self-management
  • intensity, perfectionism, and stress
  • idealism, unhappiness, and depression
  • acquaintances, friends, and peers
  • family relationships
  • twice-exceptional children
  • educational options for gifted children