Interior Design Summer Workshop Students 

Registration For Summer 2024 Is Now Open.

Choose from One online and Two on-campus sessions for Summer 2024

If you are a high school student or know one who has an interest in pursuing interior design at the college level, make plans to attend one of the workshops in 2024!

The Youth Interior Design Forum (YIDF) is a workshop open to high school students of any grade level and gives them the opportunity to experience interior design firsthand. We also encourage graduating seniors who plan to attend Ball State University in fall of 2024 attend this workshop as well to have a smooth transition to college and have a jump start. The workshop blends tradition and innovation in creative learning, covering areas in applied critical thinking and exploration with materials. During the studio time, students explore the fundamentals of 2D and 3D concepts, learn basic drawing and illustration skills, play with color use and light effects, and learn how interior environments affect human behavior. Upon completion, students will have a portfolio of work (a required component for the application for many accredited college interior design programs) and an official certificate of completion.

"I found this workshop valuable because in a single month I got an inside look on what interior design is, and the process designers go through in transforming a plain room into a gorgeous space that you can’t look away from. From a mission statement to a finish floor plan, you really learn all the steps to complete a project."
- Kayleigh

Forum participants explore the design process, concept development, graphic communication, lighting design, materials and furniture selections/specifications, perspective drawings, and much more. Professors and teaching assistants walk students through the process from the beginning to the end. Students also have the opportunity to learn from industry veterans representing design firms and organizations while creative industry leaders from around the country host guest lectures and Q+A sessions with students.

Interior Design Summer Workshop Students

During the FIELD TRIP day, we visit four design firms and provide participants exposure to both residential and commercial design.

"This workshop gave me an idea of what the Interior Design curriculum is like. I also learned about things that I never would have known until I get into college. The workshop gave me the knowledge to bring into college that my peers won’t have."
- Olivia 


  • Three credit hours of program elective course will be waived, if the student decides to come to Ball State for their undergraduate degree and study in interior design.
  • Many interior design programs in the U.S. require the submission of a graphic portfolio for admission. Through this workshop, participants will have created a major piece of their portfolio that can be used when applying to these programs.
  • Students completing this workshop will gain knowledge and understanding of the design process in the field of interior design giving them a jumpstart in courses and confidence to advance.
  • Students completing this workshop are less likely to change their major at the end of the first year if they start interior design at a college level. 

Examples of Student Projects  


The online forum workshops will use Canvas and WebEx or Zoom. Canvas provides a password-protected online environment where the students can submit their work and communicate with the professor and fellow students using discussion boards, chat rooms, and centralized email (Canvas Conversations). WebEx and Zoom allow us to meet with everyone in the workshop online without leaving the comforts of the home, but still allows the feeling of face-to-face interaction. The online workshops are synchronous (where everyone logs on to participate and meet at a certain time of day).

To accommodate participants from the Pacific Time Zone, Alaska, and Hawaii we moved our meeting time this year to 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for four weeks. Participants are expected to spend four to five hours every day in average (including meeting times) to complete the project.

"This workshop allowed me to experience the world of interior design in a quicker form than a regular course. The friendly critiques and the relaxed environment encouraged me to put in the work and be proud of my final project. It solidified my desire to pursue interior design in college."
- Avonlea

Online Workshop Date

  • Monday, June 10–Friday, July 5

To Register

Each session will be limited to 12 students, so apply early to ensure your space in the session of your choice. See a sample schedule (PDF).


The workshop fee is $800 and may be paid in the following installments: 

  • Registration — $100
  • First Payment March 1 - $350
  • Final Payment — May 1 - $350

Your deposit will be fully refunded if we cannot accommodate you for any reason

The on-campus forum workshop will be offered Summer 2024 and will have all of the same elements of the online session, but at a much more accelerated pace. This workshop will provide students with new perspectives, new friends, and a personal portfolio full of ideas.

Additional opportunities around campus will allow students to build lasting friendships and experience living on a college campus. Sample activities include an afternoon of shopping, movie night, bowling night, and use of recreational facilities on campus for swimming, fitness, weights, ping-pong, and tennis.

"I found this workshop valuable because it helped me figure out that interior design is what I am interested in, and it gave me an opportunity to design a restaurant on my own."
- Callie

On-campus workshop dates

  • Sunday, June 2–Tuesday, June 11
  • Sunday, June 16–Tuesday, June 25     

To Register

The on-campus session is limited to 12 students, so apply early to ensure your place in the studio. For planning purposes only, the workshop fee is $1450. The fee will cover your housing accommodation in the campus dorms, three meals per day, drafting supplies/tools, and transportation to field trips in Indianapolis. See sample schedule here (PDF). 

Payment options

  • Registration — $100
  • First Payment March 1 - $600
  • Final Payment — May 1 - $750

Your deposit will be fully refunded if we cannot accommodate you for any reason

For questions about the workshop, call 765-285-1471 or email The Interior Design program at Ball State is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD).