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Are you an alumnus of one of our programs? Many of you must have fond memories of Cooper Science. Check out what is going on in the Department of Chemistry through our Alumni Association.

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We are always looking for support from alumni and friends to assist current and future students and faculty.

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Department Funds

  • 1501 – Chemistry Foundation
  • 1502 – Chemistry Reserve
  • 1503 – Robert Morris Symposium Fund
  • 1516 – Chemistry Research
  • 1550 - Chemistry Scholarships
  • 1551 – David. C. McIntyre Memorial Scholarship
  • 1552 – IN-American Water Company Student Research Fellowship
  • 1553 – Mikal Lynn Sousa Memorial Scholarship
  • 1554 – Dr. Park Wiseman Scholarship
  • 1555 – Sandra K. & Robert J. Morris Chemistry Scholarships
  • 1557 – D.J. Angus Scientech Chemistry Award

Chemistry Advisory Board

Alumni and friends have been selected to assist the department on its priorities and goals. The board also helps spread communication about the department to others in the community.

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