One Ball State Day, April 7, 2020


One Ball State Day is an online, 24-hour giving opportunity for alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to donate to the university and to specific departments. We are thankful to all who donated to the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology in 2019!

One Ball State Day 2020 is on April 7th. In these unprecedented times, this is a day for us to unite as alumni, friends, and supporters to show the world that we Cardinals fly together. Follow our social media to stay tuned on updates throughout the giving day, and visit our specific department page here.

Current students should not feel obligated to give. These funding goals are to help our department serve you!

About the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology's Funding Goals

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology has consistently striven to guide and mentor students in understanding and responding to the needs of their communities and leads by example by offering a wealth of service learning, internship, and exchange opportunities. Our department is seeking to expand our reach in inspiring students, alumni, faculty, and staff to strive for excellence for themselves and their communities, and our current department needs are designed with these goals in mind.

This year our specific goals are:

  1. Building a student needs fund (e.g. textbooks, tuition, travel abroad, and GRE/LSAT application fees)
  2. Building a faculty needs fund (e.g. travel and technology)
  3. Funding campus and community education events
  4. Supporting our annual CJC Awards Ceremony, including shipping costs for awards and plaques
  5. Celebrating our graduating Spring 2020 seniors