Ball State’s cybersecurity minor explores modern issues in computer and information security, such as digital forensics and encryption. This minor makes an excellent addition to a tech-related major by providing a working knowledge of issues and tactics in cybersecurity—transferable skills for many high-demand occupations.

Our minor in cybersecurity is not open to students with a major in computer science or a minor in digital forensics.

What You Will Learn

Learning outcomes include:

  • a strong grasp of the practice and history of computer programming and cybersecurity
  • a working knowledge of cybersecurity components, including network infrastructure, security threats, and system administration
  • knowledge of digital forensics applied to gathering evidence of inappropriate behavior on a computer

Program Requirements

This 18- to 19-credit minor focuses coursework around the basics of:

  • computer science
  • web programming
  • cybersecurity
  • forensics
  • the fundamentals of network design

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How to Enroll

To enroll in the cybersecurity minor, students should contact their academic advisor.

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