You will need to be admitted by our program when you apply to Ball State, then complete our first-year program.

When you complete the online application to Ball State, you will need to fill out a supplemental application and provide additional materials.

1. Meet the Priority Deadline

December 1

To receive priority consideration for admission to the program, you must be accepted by December 1.

2. Review Selection Criteria

Along with meeting the University’s admission requirements for all applicants, you will need to meet additional criteria for our own program.

Our program’s admissions committee considers several matters when reviewing applications:

  • academic standing
  • test scores
  • quality of submitted materials
  • demonstrated excellence in scholarship
  • evidence of initiative, leadership experience, and interest in the interior design discipline as indicated on the supplemental application form
  • the quality of the application essay

We maintain no admission quotas by race, gender, or state of residence.

3. Prepare a Portfolio

You do not need to submit a portfolio for our program to consider your application, but we highly encourage you to submit one to demonstrate your creativity and personality.

The best portfolios include diverse content and devote more attention to creative talents than technical abilities.

Some items you should consider adding to your portfolio include:

  • creative work including sketches, drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, crafts, gardening, poetry, newspaper articles, or other creative projects
  • personal or academic work
  • writing samples
  • awards or certificates

Beneath samples of portfolio work, please include descriptions (e.g. “Sketch of a kitchen for art class”).

You will upload your portfolio when you complete the online application to Ball State.

Submitted portfolios must follow these requirements:

  • Submit as a single Adobe PDF file no larger than 20 MB (10 MB if uploaded with your application). The portfolio must be formatted and directed in either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation on an 8.5-by-11-inch paper size.
  • The page count should not exceed 24.
  • Save your file as your first and last name. Also include your first and last name on every page of your portfolio.

As your first CAP design challenge, we suggest you include a cover sheet and organize all the images, text, and pages in a way that demonstrates your creative abilities.

4.  Apply

After you have prepared all of your materials, apply to Ball State online.

Apply Now

Ball State Student Changing Majors?

If you’re a current Ball State student who wants to change your major to interior design, please complete our supplemental application form (PDF). Deliver the form by email to Sarah Alfaro, who can answer any questions regarding the application process.

Download the Form (PDF)