Accelerated Master's Program

The Accelerated Master’s Programs in Educational Psychology and in Quantitative Psychology offer students the opportunity to begin working on their master’s degree while they complete their bachelor’s degree.

The AMP gives students the chance to earn an advanced, two-year MS degree with only one year of graduate tuition. Students completing the AMP will be better positioned by the rigorous graduate-level curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities to move on to further advanced study or to the job market.

Students enrolled in this innovative program can count three (MS Educational Psychology) or three (MS Quantitative Psychology) graduate courses toward both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Once AMP students complete their bachelor’s degree, they go on to earn the MS degree with just one additional year of coursework.


Accelerated Master's Programs in the Department of Educational Psychology

Students completing the AMP in Educational Psychology or Quantitative Psychology have the opportunity to complete select graduate courses toward the completion of their bachelor's degree and master's degree. The following course options are available for AMP students.

Educational Psychology

  1. EDPS 600
  2. EDPS 641
  3. EDPS 606, or EDPS 627, or EDPS 628, or EDPS 643

Quantitative Psychology

  1. EDPS 600
  2. EDPS 606
  3. EDPS 641
  4. EDPS 643

Ready to Apply?

To apply for either of these AMP options, students must have earned a minimum of 75 credit hours (at least 30 must be earned at Ball State) with an overall GPA of 3.25. Applicants must complete the Graduate School’s application.