person outdoors working with tools, wearing a hard hat

The interdisciplinary nature of our programs combine the physical and social sciences. Our faculty are dedicated and passionate about their work and all offer interrelated backgrounds in various science disciplines for the further development of our students and our department.

Students within our department receive real-world experiences through hands-on projects related to soil and water conservation, land stewardship, site remediation, hazardous materials training, agricultural education, and other related applications.

We offer a variety of courses, which aid in the development of our students. Some of those courses relate to careers in areas such as:

  • air quality
  • water resources
  • soil conservation
  • sustainable agriculture
  • petroleum geologist
  • private lands management
  • energy resource exploration and development
  • outdoor recreation and environmental education
  • hazardous materials and waste management

Our curriculum aims to promote student interest in conservation, exploration, and protection of the environment.

Some of our students enjoy the outdoor environment while others are drawn to the science and how we can apply knowledge to solving environmental problems.

Our Programs