John Pichtel
John Pichtel
Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Curriculum Vitae


Room:WQ 103


PhD Agronomy/ Environmental Science from the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. 1987.

MS Agronomy/Soil Chemistry from the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. 1983.

BS Natural Resource Management from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. 1980.

Current Research:

My research embraces management of hazardous materials, remediation of contaminated sites, and environmental chemistry. My research group is studying the behavior of metallic nanoparticles in soil and aquatic environments. We are particularly interested in assessing shifts in microbial communities and changes in plant physiological processes as a result of interaction with nanoparticles. I have evaluated soil chemical properties and plant response during restoration of brownfields and Superfund sites in the United States as well as highly contaminated environs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, and Thailand. Other research involves investigation of microbially-catalyzed decomposition of PCBs, explosives, propellants and other xenobiotic compounds in soil. 

Select Publications: 

Pichtel, J. 2019. Fundamentals of Site Remediation for Metal- and Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soils, 3rd ed. Bernan Press, Rockville, MD.

Corsi, I., E. Bergami, G. Grassi,  and J. Pichtel. 2019. Aquatic ecotoxicology. Chapter 11. In Z. Krpetic (Ed.) Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

Sricoth, T., W. Meeinkuirt, P. Saengwilai, J. Pichtel, and P. Taeprayoon. 2018. Aquatic plants for phytostabilization of cadmium and zinc in hydroponic experiments. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Doctoral Dissertatio 799 102 0000 - 0000
Haz Mat Health and S 350 1 1530 - 1810 T WQ, room 122
Science WMDs Technol 352 800 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Emergency Response W 389 1 1530 - 1810 R WQ, room 122
Professional Practic 469 1 0000 - 0000