Do you need help paying for your graduate work in the Department of Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources? Are you interested in working closely with our faculty while gaining hands-on experience in your field? Our department is committed to providing practical opportunities for both professional and personal growth through our graduate assistantships.

Compensation and Benefits

Graduate assistantships provide you with:

  • an annual stipend
  • tuition remission (student fees outside of tuition are not eligible for remission

Students may receive an assistantship for a maximum of two years for MA/MS students, and three years for Ph.D. students.

Responsibilities and Workloads

The primary purpose of a graduate assistantship is to provide qualified graduate students with funding to support their academic progress toward a master's or doctoral degree while engaging them in professional activities that support the mission and needs of the department.

These activities include assisting professors with course instruction or research, promoting the department to others, and more.

The typical duties of a graduate assistant may include a mix of the following:

  • preparation for laboratory activities in support of a professor's teaching
  • instruction of laboratory sections (including in-class, in-lab, or field activities)
  • supervision of the department computer facilities
  • occasional clerical/receptionist support in the main office
  • maintenance of department bulletin boards
  • providing technology and recruiting support
  • other duties that may arise

A full-time graduate assistant is expected to devote approximately 20 hours per week to assigned duties. A half-time graduate assistant is expected to devote approximately 10 hours per week to assigned duties. These hours may vary depending on the semester, and some load averaging may be necessary and expected to achieve fair workloads and fulfillment of duties.

How to Apply

Each year, assistants are selected by Spring semester for the coming academic year and position to start in the Fall. Applications must be received by the end of February to ensure consideration for the following academic year (or for Fall semester).

The complete application must include:

  • acceptance by the Graduate School (and by the Center for International Programs for international students)
  • original copies of all college transcripts
  • at least two letters of recommendation
  • GRE scores

Paying for Your Education