A degree in teaching physical education and health can be utilized for careers in more than just teaching. Potential careers can include:

Organizational Opportunities

  • Athletic/Activities Director
  • Community Health Fair Coordinator
  • Recreational Sports or Program Coordinator/Director (with a city, club, YMCA, etc.)
  • Educational Consultant to Health and fitness promotion organizations (American Heart Association, Presidential Youth Fitness Program, etc.)
  • Corporate Wellness/Recreation Director
  • Activities/Recreation/Fitness Director at a Camp
  • State Department of Health (Physical Activity/Nutrition Division)
  • Obesity-Focused Projects
  • Community Recreation Facilities
  • District Wellness Coordinator

Educational Setting Opportunities

  • Health Teacher
  • Physical Educator
  • Before/After School Activity Director
  • Coach

Sports/Fitness Opportunities

  • Referee
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Health/Life Coaching
  • Personal Trainer