From day one, you will learn by doing—working alongside faculty mentors, peers, and industry professionals. Together, you’ll create, conserve, and reimagine an increasingly broad range of landscapes, from urban environments and educational settings to transit corridors and wetlands.

We value designs that fuse art, function, and sustainability that add value to our world. As environmental quality continues to be a global priority, the professional outlook for landscape architects is bright. Explore your career options.

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View the types of projects and level of expertise you’ll achieve. See students’ work.

Student Experiences - Student Gallery

Student Stories

Want to know what it’s really like to study landscape architecture at Ball State? See what others in the program are up to. Read their stories.



Gain professional experience working alongside industry leaders, getting you real-world ready before you graduate. Learn more.


Learn by Travel

Landscape architecture students receive diverse training through off-campus studies providing opportunities to experience a wide range of landscapes visiting sites both in and out of the country. These trips help to build the foundation and multicultural perspective needed for the field of landscape architecture. Explore our travel programs.

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Interact with other students and professionals from a variety of areas of landscape architecture and other areas of study. Student organizations give you the chance to interact with other students and professionals providing a place to learn leadership skills, bring your study into exceptionally relevant settings and kick around ideas and concepts while making lasting friends who will stay with you throughout your career. Learn more.