Sursa Performance Hall from the balcony The cornerstone of Ball State University's Music Instruction Building is the 600-seat Sursa Performance Hall, named in honor of benefactors David and Mary Jane Sursa. Their generosity provided for the hall and a world-class pipe organ designed and built by the Goulding & Wood Co.

Sursa Hall is a musical jewel for the entire community, blending first-rate acoustical design with musical intimacy. It is designed to foster a close connection between performers and audiences, and its acoustical tuning capabilities allow performers to adjust the hall's sound qualities to suit their individual preferences.

By moving large baffles along the sides of the hall, performers can modify the acoustics in less than a minute to reflect sound or absorb sound, making the listening experience more appropriate for the kind of music and the size of ensemble performing.

Sursa Hall is primarily used as a performance hall, but also functions as a rehearsal and recording space. The facility is linked directly to a recording booth in the back of the hall and to the recording facilities on the building's second floor. Musicians are able to record concerts digitally, broadcast live to Indiana Public Radio, record for delayed broadcast to television, and broadcast live to the Internet.

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Goulding & Wood Pipe Organ, Opus 45

One of Indiana’s only concert hall organs, the Sursa Family Concert Pipe Organ is a 50-stop pipe organ with rich woodwork and a three-manual terraced console. Built by Goulding & Wood Co. in 2006, the organ’s console is patterned after French organs of the late 19th century and is movable. Its low profile allows organists to accompany symphony orchestras and choirs while maintaining clear visibility of the conductor.

See the organ’s specifications (PDF).

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