The minor in music recording requires 26 credit hours in music theory, music history, and music media production.

Required Courses

  • MUHI 105 Music and Pop Culture in America (3 credit)
  • MUST 101 Sight Singing and Ear Training (1 credit)
  • MUST 111 Music Theory (2 credits)
  • MMP 125 Acoustics (3 credits)
  • MMP 235 Recording Technology 1(3 credits)
  • MMP 236 Recording Technology 2 (3 credits)
  • MMP 330 Live Sound and Recording (3 credits)
  • MMP 430 Production Workshop (3 credits)

For a full list of required courses, visit the course catalog.

View Catalog  Music Undergraduate Handbook (PDF)

Are You Ready to Enroll?

Non-music students wishing to add the Recording Minor will be required to complete a music theory placement exam, complete an online application, and interview with recording technology faculty. Only students who have clear goals for how the minor will fit into their overall education and future career will be admitted. Students can access the online application by clicking the button below.


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