The departmental honors program in Sociology is designed to recognize students who exhibit an outstanding level of academic achievement in their Sociology studies. Students who complete the senior thesis shall be awarded the designation “Departmental Honors in Sociology” on their official university transcript. The achievement will also be noted in the commencement program and in departmental records.


Students are eligible to apply for departmental honors in Sociology if they meet the following requirements:

  • major in Sociology
  • junior standing
  • earned credit in at least four Sociology courses
  • cumulative GPA in Sociology of 3.5 or higher


To receive departmental honors in Sociology, students must complete a senior thesis on a topic approved by the department of Sociology and the Honors College. (Note, however, that students do not need to be members of the honors college in order to pursue departmental honors.)

Prior to Senior year, students must arrange for a faculty member in the Department of Sociology to supervise the thesis. Students must then follow the appropriate procedures and complete the required paperwork, as detailed in the full requirements.

Download Requirements (PDF)