students pose inside a dance studio
students site in a circle inside korsgaard dance studio
students dance on stage in purple lights

Students in Ball State’s Department of Theatre and Dance aren’t just attending class and creating incredible performances, they’re also involved in a fantastic variety of student organizations. These nine groups give our students opportunities to grow as vibrant artists, engaging the community around them while exploring the possibilities of their craft.

Alpha Psi Omega is the National Theatre Honorary Society, and the Ball State University Chapter of APO recognizes and celebrates student leadership, service, and artistic achievement in a wide variety of activities.  We raise money for scholarships and selected charities, organize a variety of social events, and serve as the communications hub for all the other student organizations. Members elected into Alpha Psi Omega recognized at graduation with honor cords.

Artists for Inclusivity fights for social justice to end discrimination and inequality within our society through various artistic mediums. We continue to fight for progressive change.

BSU Backstage is a collaborative community of designers, technicians, and management students within the department. We are dedicated to keeping up on the latest developments and trends in our field, and hosting gatherings at which you can increase your skill and experience with all sorts of new and exciting technology.

Busted Space Theatre Company is a student-run production organization dedicated to producing new works written by students as well as staging established works in new and innovative ways. We put on a variety of student-helmed shows every year, including a 24-hour new play festival, original sketches about social and political themes, and even full length new works by students. Busted Space is a great place for you to develop your voice as an artist outside of the classroom and production season.

The purpose of the Green Theatre Society shall be to teach and encourage sustainable practice and environmental stewardship in the theatre and Muncie Community.
Movement Exchange at Ball State University is an organization that unites dance and service. Through our work with community organizations, we hope to bring dance and art to diverse communities. We teach classes for free and take a yearly international trip to Panama to teach in orphanages and learn new ways of moving. We are artists who want to make a difference in the world!

Reflex is the Department of Theatre and Dance’s resident improvisational comedy group.  We are dedicated to working on long form improv but mixes in a variety of short form, sketch format, and video format comedy.  The group is generally 10-15 people in size with auditions held every year at the beginning of the fall semester.

Student Dance Association builds a tightly knit community of artists committed to organizing educational activities centered on dance. We meet once a week to collaborate, create, volunteer, and spread dance throughout the community. Anyone is welcome to join!

Theatre Education Club is a home for our theatre teachers in training to discuss their profession, get involved in the Muncie Educational Community, and find other ways to collaborate in the exciting world of Theatre Education.