The General Arts degree program is an excellent pathway for students aspiring to cultivate a comprehensive, global perspective while honing versatile skillsets. This program empowers you with a robust fundamental understanding through a range of core curriculum courses, coupled with the flexibility of selecting from twenty-nine elective credits. These credits can be tailored to deepen your mastery in a specialized field of your preference.

Earning an Associate of Arts degree not only distinguishes applicants but also opens up more job opportunities and enhances earning possibilities. It's undoubtedly an investment that promises significant returns, making it a truly valuable choice.

Electives, 29 credits

General Education, 31 credits

  • ENG 103 Rhetoric and Writing 3
  • ENG 104 Composing Research 3

6 credits from

  • COMM 210 Fundamentals of Public Communication 3
  • HIST 150 The West in the World 3
  • MATH 125 Quantitative Reasoning 3

Core Curriculum Distribution Requirements, 15 credits

  • Tier 1 Fine Arts or Humanities 3
  • Tier 1 Natural Sciences or Social Sciences 3
  • Tier 2 Fine Arts, Design, and Humanities or Natural and Social Sciences 3
  • Two courses from Tier 1 or Tier 2 categories listed above 6

Other required courses

  • University Core Curriculum course 3
  • PFW course 1

Total Credits: 31


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