Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction Spring 2024 Schedule! 

The Learning Center offers free supplemental instruction (SI) in various classes. Supplemental instruction is not offered during the summer.

What is SI?

SI is an academic support program designed for large lecture classes and/or classes with a high failure and withdrawal rate. An SI leader—a student who has already taken the class and has been trained in academic assistance—will attend your class with you, take notes, and read the material again.

What does the SI leader do?

The SI leader will hold up two to three study sessions every week during the semester. Your SI leader will design activities and handouts that will help you study more effectively to potentially earn a better grade in the class. 

Why should I go to the study sessions? Won’t that just be “extra” time I have to put into the class?

You will have to study for this class anyway: why not study with someone who has already taken the class and performed very well in it? You also get the opportunity to meet with others from your class, to share notes, and to receive supplemental handouts (like study guides and practice tests) that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Students who attend SI study sessions typically earn better course grades than those who do not attend.

When and where will the study sessions be held?

Your SI leader will share this information during the first week of class. 

What do I have to bring to the study sessions?

Your books, notes, assignments, and other pertinent material from the class.

Do I have to attend SI study sessions? What if they conflict with my schedule?

You are not required to attend SI study sessions. If your schedule will not permit you to attend the study sessions or office hours, please speak with your SI leader about the possibility for other arrangements.

I prefer to study by myself. SI is not for me!

Our advice is to attend one study session to see if this service is useful for you.

Where can I go for one-on-one help?

Your SI leader will be able to provide the best academic support for you because he/she knows exactly what is going on in your class. However, individualized tutoring is available at the Learning Center. Click on "Tutoring" to find out more.

Jim Mills, Supplemental Instruction Coordinator