The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Ball State prides itself on rigorous scholarship and an environment of respect and tolerance. As a student, you will examine women’s and men’s gendered experiences throughout history and across cultures, races, classes, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, age groups, abilities, and religions. You’ll graduate empowered with knowledge, collaborative learning skills, critical thinking abilities, and an appreciation of diversity—all skills that lead to a rewarding career in a wide range of fields.


Women’s Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Ball State’s major in women’s and gender studies offers a comprehensive overview of women’s and men’s gendered experiences. Due to its flexible, multidisciplinary nature, this degree is excellent preparation for a variety of career paths. Learn more.


Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

Are you looking for a diverse, multidisciplinary minor to complement your major? Ball State’s minor in women’s and gender studies is an excellent choice. Learn more.