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  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • Credits: 120

Our women's and gender studies degree provides a comprehensive exploration of women's and men's gendered experiences, offering valuable insights into the complexities of gender dynamics. With its multidisciplinary approach, this program equips students with a versatile skill set that opens doors to various professional paths. Through engaging with our dedicated faculty in intimate class settings, you'll benefit from personalized attention and meaningful interactions. Furthermore, our curriculum emphasizes real-world learning opportunities, ensuring that you graduate well-prepared for your future career in gender studies.

At Ball State, we understand the importance of academic flexibility. Many students choose to pursue a double major, taking advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of women's and gender studies. By enrolling in courses offered by other departments, you can expand your knowledge and apply those credits towards an additional major or minor in those areas of study. This flexibility allows you to tailor your educational journey to your specific interests and career aspirations within the realm of gender studies.

What You Will Learn

WGS Student

“I am a double major in Women's and Gender Studies and Political Science, so I really enjoy being able to learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion in WGS and applying this to the structural form of policy and government in Political Science. I also really like the professors in WGS that I have had so far because they care about your learning and you as a person."

— Monet Lindstrand

As a Women’s and Gender Studies major, you’ll learn how gender intersects with other characteristics such as race/ethnicity, social class, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and citizenship. You’ll explore how gender expectations are built into institutions, like governments, schools, businesses, professions, and the family. Your knowledge and perspective will prepare you to interact respectfully and professionally with colleagues and clients in any workplace, to solve problems, and to be an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Upon completion of the Women's and Gender Studies Major, graduates:

  • will identify and explain how gender definitions and norms, and gendered institutions, affect perspectives, behaviors, experiences, and life chances of individuals. (gender-sensitive perspective)
  • are able to synthesize interdisciplinary knowledge, think critically, and provide a reflection of these experiences.
  • will evaluate gender-related social problems to identify possible actions to alleviate the problem, and to justify a decision regarding appropriate action
  • demonstrate writing competency at a level appropriate for college graduates.

Majors & Minors that Work Well with this Degree

If you’re considering a double major, women's and gender studies is a good complement to anyone also studying:

Major Requirements

Our program in women’s and gender studies requires 36 credits of core courses and electives, in addition to the University Core Curriculum.


Total to Graduate: 120

  • University Core Curriculum: 33
  • General Electives: 51
  • Major: 36

Students may participate in an internship for up to six credits. The WGS 499 Capstone should be taken at the completion of the program.

Students should refer to individual course descriptions for information about prerequisites.

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