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If you love the foundational magic that makes movies happen—a well-written script—and want to learn how to become part of that magic, then Ball State’s minor in film and screenwriting is a great choice. The 18-credit minor offers courses in film history, analysis, and theory from Media and beginning and advanced screenwriting from the English department.

Skills You Will Learn

  • take screenplay ideas from concept to completion
  • write in correct spec screenplay format
  • understand the core ideas of narrative story development and visual storytelling
  • read films and scripts through the perspective of a screenwriter/storyteller
  • write a script for potential production via BSU’s Cinema Entertainment Immersion (CEI)

Program Requirements

You’ll learn the fundamentals of excellent screenwriting; provide a solid grounding in film studies, genres, and theory; and trace the history of film and film studies.

For a complete list of courses and their descriptions, please consult our course catalog.

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This minor is not open to Department of Media majors in the Film and Media Studies concentration.

How to Enroll

To declare this minor, contact the Department of Media.

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