A Transfer Flight Path is an opportunity for you to connect with us to strategically design your academic plan while at your current school to create a smooth transition to Ball State. Whether the path is one or more semesters or an associate degree, we're here to assist.

How do Flight Paths work?

Developing a Transfer Flight Path is as easy as four steps:

Step 1: Complete and Submit the Transfer Flight Path form

Get started here and fill out this form to enroll in a Transfer Flight Path:

Start Your Transfer Flight Path 

Step 2: Request to meet with your Transfer Advisor

Setup an appointment—either in-person or virtually—to discuss your intention to transfer and prepare for your Flight Path meeting:

Meet our team

Step 3: Prepare for your Flight Path meeting

  • Review our Transfer Admission Criteria and prepare your application materials to transfer.
  • Review our various degree programs to determine what you would like to study at Ball State.
  • Determine your desired time frame to transfer.

Step 4: Meet with your Transfer Advisor and develop a Flight Path

During your meeting with your Transfer Advisor, you will:

  • Review the information you have prepared (transfer admission criteria and choice of major) and discuss your intention to transfer (time frame and transfer institution).
  • Discuss options for your Flight Path, including already designed core curriculum or associate degree pathways with community colleges, reviewing our curriculum and courses available at your starting school of choice, and your goals.
  • Develop your Transfer Flight Path by creating a suggested course plan to successfully transfer to Ball State.


If you have any questions or would like some guidance as to which Transfer Flight Path option is best for you, contact the Transfer Center.

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