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Self-Care 101

We understand that mental health challenges can be a hurdle for many students. We know that seeking help for mental health concerns can be daunting and overwhelming.

That's why we've created a self-care challenge that fosters a safe and supportive community for anyone in need. It's an opportunity to receive guidance and support from our team of mental health professionals. Join us in this journey towards better mental health.

Sign up for our self-care challenge today and let us help you prioritize your mental wellness.

Mobile Self-Help Resources

The  Counseling Department is excited to introduce Togetherall and Welltrack, two innovative mobile self-help resources that are designed to help you prioritize your mental wellness anytime, anywhere.

Mobile App Icon for Welltrack, A self-help tool

Welltrack is a personalized self-help tool that offers customized programs for anxiety, stress, and depression. It includes daily mood tracking, mindfulness exercises, and cognitive-behavioral therapy tools to help you build positive habits and improve your overall well-being.

Mobile App Icon for Togetherall, a self-help tool

Togetherall is a confidential online platform that provides a supportive and empowering community for individuals facing mental health challenges. You can anonymously connect with other students who are experiencing similar struggles, access self-help resources, and receive support from trained professionals.

Resource and Relaxation Room

The Counseling Center's Resource & Relaxation Room provides information on anxiety, career exploration, diversity, depression, trauma, self-esteem, test anxiety, and much more. Books, pamphlets and computer programs are available to use. We have a coloring station for stress management and light therapy boxes to help alleviate seasonal affective disorder.

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