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October 19, 2015

Shelby Sneed wins Chirp! Chirp! award
Sophomore medical technology major Shelby Sneed chirps with Charlie. Sneed won half of one semester's in-state tuition from the first Chirp! Chirp! Spirit Scholarship Contest.

Ball State students have always had fun attending university athletic events and cheering on their beloved Cardinals. That's certainly true for sophomore Shelby Sneed.

Sneed, a medical technology major from Floyds Knob, Indiana, was selected in a random drawing as the first winner of the Chirp! Chirp! Spirit Scholarship Contest. To be eligible, Ball State students must attend certain games, swipe their Cardinal Card IDs at a kiosk to get registered and then cheer on the team. The winner's prize? One-half of in-state tuition for an entire semester.

"I couldn't believe I was drawn to win this," Sneed said. "When I called my parents, I got ahold of my mom first, and she burst into tears. And when I reached my dad on his cell phone, he was in his car and had to pull off the road—he was so happy!"

Sneed's scholarship win was based on attending three games: soccer, women's volleyball and field hockey.

"I'd been to soccer and volleyball games here in the past," Sneed said.  "But I'd never experienced a field hockey game, and I absolutely loved it. One of the really cool things about the university doing this is that students also get exposed to all the sports played at Ball State. It's exciting."

The next opportunity to win a Chirp! Chirp! Spirit Scholarship is at Saturday's Family Weekend football game against Central Michigan. To be eligible, students need to swipe their Cardinal Cards at the kiosk by the end of the first quarter and again during the fourth quarter.

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Both Sneed and the winner of the Oct. 24 scholarship will be awarded their prizes during a basketball game at Worthen Arena later in the year.