Nicolette Terracciano
Nicolette Terracciano
Planetarium Show Specialist


Room:CS 116

Nicolette Terracciano ('23) has always loved astronomy. Ever since she was little, Ms. Nicolette would always ask big questions like “where did we come from?” and “how did the Universe come to be?” These questions led her to pursing a double major in Astronomy and Physics at Ball State University.

During her years as an undergraduate student, Ms. Nicolette worked as a planetarium assistant at the Charles W. Brown Planetarium. Additionally, she was host of the Brown Planetarium's Constellation Crew during her senior year and was the 2021 Astronomy SLAM Champion.

Ms. Nicolette returned to Ball State to pursue her master’s in Physics and work as professional staff at the university as Planetarium Show Specialist. There are still many question Ms. Nicolette has about science and the world. She is hoping her continued education and her experience in her position will help answer them.