When you're a local business or organization looking for smart, part-time solutions to your workforce needs, you should know that Ball State students won't just provide a temporary fix to your workforce needs. They'll arrive with creativity, passion, curiosity, and the know-how that you want for the business growth you need.

Why Hire a Federal Work-Study Student?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) jobs don't just connect job-seeking students to their college community. They also help local businesses and organizations find affordable, part-time expertise in areas like education, marketing, design, finance, the nonprofit sector, and more.

If you have an employment need you'd like to fill with a FWS student, visit the Cardinal Career Link today!

A Better Way has worked with Federal Work-Study students for many years, in many different positions, ranging from caseworkers to school aides. The students allow us to offer more time and service to our clients and our students. They learn about the workplace, but also we learn from them as they bring in fresh perspectives. In other words, they make us better.

Teresa Clemmons, Executive Director, A Better Way Services, Inc.