A suspicious object is defined as any package, parcel, container, or other object that is suspected of being an explosive device because it is out of place or unusual for that location and cannot be accounted for, or because a threat has been received.

If you find a suspicious object:

  1. Do not touch the object.
  2. Move people away from the object.
  3. Do not use portable radio equipment or cell phones within 100 feet of the suspicious object.
  4. Dial 911 or 765-285-1111 immediately to notify University Police.
  5. Follow police instructions precisely.
  6. Do not attempt to evacuate the building without the authorization or assistance of emergency personnel. Current emergency management guidelines caution against automatic evacuation. In most cases, people are likely to be more secure in their offices, laboratories, or classrooms than in hallways that have not been searched or outdoors where an actual threat may be even more likely to exist.
  7. If a search of the building is conducted, you and other staff may be asked to accompany University Police officers since you are more likely to notice something out of the ordinary in your own area or facility.