Please help Ball State normalize inclusivity by ensuring that your self-identification best reflects who you are. Accurate self-identification allows the University to recognize the diversity of our workforce so we can best serve our employees. Easily update your employee self-identification by completing this brief Voluntary Self-Identification Update Survey.

Ball State receives federal contracts and is therefore required by federal law to develop a written affirmative action program. To that end, Ball State has developed an Affirmative Action Plan (“AAP”) which annually reaffirms the University’s continuing commitment to the principles of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

The Director of Employee Relations and Affirmative Action has been specifically designated to monitor, analyze, and report on faculty, professional, staff, and service personnel actions and to distribute information relevant to the development, analysis, enforcement, evaluation, and monitoring of the plan and its policies.

What the Ball State community should know about affirmative action is this: positive efforts are to be taken in all aspects of employment to assure equal opportunity to every individual regardless of membership or non-membership in a protected class.

Employee Relations assesses those efforts through careful statistical analysis and monitoring of employment processes and decisions. The effectiveness of Ball State’s positive efforts to liken the diversity of its workforce to that of the available labor market is also assessed to identify any opportunities for improvement. When those are identified, Employee Relations staff works collaboratively with departments and individuals to arrive at solutions and may also offer programs that aid in capitalizing on opportunities.

Diversity of thought and efforts will contribute to the progression towards any goal—especially affirmative action goals.

To review the EO/AA policy or for more information about filing a complaint of unlawful discrimination, find it here.


Ball State is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that is strongly and actively committed to diversity within our community. By self-identifying and being counted, you help the University meet EO/AA objectives of ensuring at least 7% of each job group is comprised of persons with disabilities. Self-identification is confidential and that designation is only available to the Employee Relations office for EO/AA reporting purposes and does not initiate the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) accommodation process.  In addition, accurate self-identification allows the University to recognize the diversity of our workforce. 

Applicants may choose to self-identify using one of the following methods: 

  • through the talent management system at the time of submitting an electronic application
  • by accessing the link to the online survey tool
  • by completing a paper form and submitting it to Employee Relations

Current employees may choose to self-identify using one of the following methods: 

Why We Ask You To Self-ID

Additional questions about Self-Identification should be directed to the Affirmative Action Specialist.

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Affinity groups bring together employees with similar backgrounds (and allies) or interests and can have a powerful influence in the workplace.
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