To ensure employees, students, and visitors have access to the parking spaces they paid for, we will provide fair and consistent enforcement of all parking rules and regulations. 

Visitors who have been cited for "No Valid Permit" should see the Other Options tab at the bottom of this page.

The person who has to pay the ticket depends on whether the vehicle has a valid Ball State permit:

  • vehicle has a permit – The person who owns the permit is responsible, regardless of who was driving the vehicle.
  • vehicle does not have a permit – The employee or student who owns the vehicle—or is a family member of the vehicle’s owner—is responsible.

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Oops Vouchers 

Students and employees who buy a permit will receive an “Oops Voucher.” This will waive one parking ticket. Learn more.


Committing violations listed in the table below will result in one ticket every calendar day. The exception is in timed parking areas, where you may receive a citation for each violation of the time restriction. Timed parking areas include meters, pay stations, and loading docks.


Type of Violation

Paid within 10 Business Days

Paid After 10 Business Days

No Valid Permit*



Improper Display of Permit



Improper Display of an Old Citation



Overtime Parking



Out of Zone



Improper Parking



Improper Registration*



Disabled Driver Space



Disable Driver Space No. 97



Moving Violation



Skate Boarding



Scofflaw Violator/Boot fee $45 $55

*Anyone cited for improper display, improper registration, or no valid permit may have their violations cleared if they take action within five business days. Learn more.


If you receive a ticket, you have multiple options to pay it. Or you have the opportunity to appeal your citation. For certain violations, you have additional options to clear the ticket.



You may now pay for tickets online using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Pay Ticket

In Person

Parking tickets may be paid at the Office of Parking Services during business hours or in the drop box after business hours. Payments made in the drop box will be applied the next business day.

By Mail

Ticket payments may be mailed in the envelope provided with your ticket.

If you do not have the envelope, mail the ticket and payment to:

Office of Parking Services
L. A. Pittenger Student Center, Room L-1
Muncie, IN 47306.

Payments made through the mail should be check or money order. Do not mail cash.

Make checks payable to Ball State University.

Payments made by mail must be postmarked by the 10th business day in order to avoid a late fee being applied.

If you intend to use your OOPS Voucher to clear a ticket, do not file an appeal.  If you are a visitor, please contact Parking Services before filing an appeal.

 You may now appeal your ticket online. You must file your appeal within 10 business days of the ticket's issue date. 

Decision Process

The committee’s decision is based on your explanation. Diagrams, pictures, and repair receipts are helpful when applicable and may be attached to your appeal.

There must be “substantial and valid evidence” that the parking violation was not committed, or it occurred due to circumstances beyond your control.  Citations issued on complaint cannot be appealed.

The following are reasons that are not grounds for appeal:

  • failure to enter the correct license plate number when using metered parking
  • parking in a disabled driver space
  • parking only for a short period
  • failure to display parking permit
  • backing in/pulling through parking space so that license plate is not visible
  • not seeing the signs
  • absence of a parking space
  • forgetfulness or a lost parking ticket

The appeal committee’s decision is final and binding.

Appeal Ticket

We may clear the following violations if you take proper action with five business days of receiving a ticket.

If your permit is displayed improperly, contact the Office of Parking Services to find out if your ticket is clearable.

Learn the correct way to display your permit

Students and Employees

Students and employees who have a permit and fail to register a new vehicle or provide incorrect vehicle information, may be cited for improper registration. An Improper Registration ticket issued for these reasons may be cleared if the new vehicle is registered or the vehicle information is corrected within five business days. Add or edit vehicle information.


Visitors may be cited for improper registration if the license plate number on the vehicle does not match the visitor permit or the license plate number is not written on the visitor permit. This ticket may be cleared if the visitor responds to it within five business days.


You cannot register a vehicle that belongs to another student, employee, or family member of another student or employee. Doing so will result in the revocation of your parking privileges.

Students and Employees

Students or employees who do not have a current parking permit and are cited for No Valid Permit will have their ticket cleared if they purchase and display a current permit within five business days. Find a permit.


Visitors who are cited for "No Valid Permit" may have their fine reduced to $5.  In order to have the fine reduced, do not pay the $100 fine online.  You must respond to the citation within ten business days.  

You may respond to a tickets in person at the Office of Parking Services during business hours or by mail. Do not put ticket responses in the drop box. Tickets responded to in the drop box will not be cleared.

  • In Person – Visitors responding in person must bring in their ticket, driver’s license, and $5 payment. We accept cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • By Mail – Visitors responding by mail must include the ticket, a note containing their name and address, and $5 payment. Please send check or money order only. Responses must be postmarked within ten business days of ticket issuance.

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