Auto accident

All accidents involving vehicles (University-owned, or rented, or personal vehicles) driven on University business must be reported to the law enforcement authority having jurisdiction.  If the accident takes place on campus, call University Police (285-1111).  The University driver should cooperate fully with the investigating officer.   

The University driver should exchange complete information with the other driver.  If the accident involves a University vehicle, a form found in the glove compartment provides a listing of the needed information.  For rented and personal vehicles use ORM 5 to gather the needed information.

All auto accidents should be reported as soon as possible to Transportation Services and the Office of Risk Management  In the weeks following an auto accident, the University driver may receive a letter from the Indiana BMV requesting proof of financial responsibility.  Submit a copy of this letter to Transportation Services or the Office of Risk Management and the University will file a Certificate of Compliance with the BMV to satisfy their request.

Campus injuries

Any University employee who witnesses an injury on campus of non-employees or employees who have an accident on campus that does not arise out of and occur during the course of their employment should render assistance where appropriate, notify University Police (285-1111), and prepare a written account including as much information as possible using ORM 6.  This information should be given to the employee's supervisor or department head for transmittal to the Office of Risk Management.  When circumstances warrant, directly report the occurrence by telephone (285-1109) or e-mail to the Office of Risk Management

Regardless of the nature or severity, all injuries incurred on the job must be reported to a supervisor immediately, during the same shift that the injury occurred.   For employee work related injuries, please visit the Worker's Compensation page for further direction.