Our Board of Trustees, our leadership team across campus, faculty, staff, and especially students are actively involved in sustainability projects and remain critical to the continuing success of our efforts in this area.

Provided below are links to several related Campus Green Guides.

2010 Students + Sustainability (PDF)

The 2010 Guide summarizes ways in which student members of the university community can integrate their support for sustainability on a day-to-day basis. It provides some of the historic context for the development of our university’s commitment to sustainability as well as guidance on what one can do at home, in class, when traveling, when eating, and when purchasing items in the marketplace.

2015 Ball State University Campus Sustainability Guide (PDF)

The 2015 Guide summarizes campus wide sustainability including installation of our district scale geothermal project, our network of storm water flows, our management of the solid waste stream, some of the awards received by the University, and the many sustainability interest groups active on campus. The guide also describes the role of sustainability in strategic planning and ends with a check sheet you can use to identify sustainability features on campus.

2015-2016 Campus Green Guide (PDF)

2016-2017 Campus Green Guide (PDF)

The 2015-2017 Guides, produced by Ball State University Unified Media cover the role of sustainability in education (including citation of books and must see activist documentaries) along with the recommendations on how to engage and explore sustainability not only on campus but in the nearby community.